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By this time tomorrow, I should be firmly ensconced in 'Sconsin.

I got some new clothes for the con, though we're talking pajama pants and T-shirts here, not exactly high fashion. I did get a new bathrobe that's quite luxurious, and I bought some new shoes (which I'm wearing today) that make my monster feet look almost dainty. Considering that dainty isn't a word that's often used to describe anything about me, that's quite a feat. And I suppose considering the subject matter, it's a feet feat.

Tonight is grocery shopping and final packing. This will involve at least a rudimentary cleaning of the 'Sploder, a quick sprucing of the Big Broken Box™, and some last-minute panicking.

And there will be walkies. Sadie has become very adamant about walkies taking place at a very specific point after I get home. Delaying walkies until later in the evening isn't much of an option because of hyper-with dog.

I'll be bringing some booze; nothing spectactular, but enough of a variety for social frippery. Enough for its own cooler, I think.

The massage table of course, as well as the sheets that come with it-- freshly washed, so I have to remember to pack them with the rest of the stuff. And if I get the ass in gear, conduit for framing.

I'm still squirrel-dancing on whether to bring something for sound. I don't have anything that's remarkably portable that actually has good sound, so I'd be bringing something that's a bit bigger than small, probably my old stereo. Adding a DVD player on top of that would be nothing, but I don't know whether it is worth hauling just for the weekend. Having massage music is nice, but not necessary.

I'll have to see how difficult it is to get to. It's hiding in the Room Where No One Walks, which is currently overwhelmed with Lauren's kitchen stuff. If it's difficult to get to, I'll leave it home. Or maybe I'll bring the laptop and see if I can scare up a cable to feed it to the audio inputs on the TV, and just use that-- or maybe bring the .MP3 midget player, even better. I don't think there's a broadband connection at the hotel anyway, so I don't really need the computer. I just need to make sure I update the music on the player to score the last VAST album I downloaded.

I think I'll just go that way anyway. So much easier to deal with. Fits in a pocket instead of Yet Another Bin. Y'all will just have to live with crappier sound.

Small stepladder. Baby wagon. Coolers. Thinking of maybe finding some Dry Ice for one of the coolers to keep the booze cold cold cold. There's a dry ice place not too far from the Big Broken Box™ and I can pick it up on the way out of town.
Camera. I don't take pictures often enough, and maybe I should. Bring the battery charger too.
Cell phone, probably just for the trip. I doubt I'll have it on at the hotel itself, but I might.

I'm gonna need to do some errand running yet tonight. And in varied enough places that it's gonna take some time to do.

Ah, well. Only a few more minutes and I will be free of the shackles of corporate wage slavery for a few days.

Much love, and some groping.
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