Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Make your own

A - is for Asshole, which reminds me of my dad
B - is for Betrayal, it's a way to make me sad
C - is for Coochie, and that's good enough for me
D - is for Delicious, like coochie's s'posed to be.
E - is for Electric, like your battery boyfriend
F - is for Fantastic, how you feel in the end.
G - is for Gyration, like the movement of your thighs
H - is for Horny, I can see it in your eyes.
I - is for Infection, best to take some penicillin
J - is for Jacuzzi, babe I'm ready if you're willin'.
K - is for Kayla, for whom I have a secret shrine
L - is for Linguistics, which goes well with lots of wine.
M - is for Marmot, fuzzy round and full of fun
N - is for Nookie, which can be warm like the sun.
O - is for Orgasm, which releases oxytocin
P - is for Penis, which I do not put my nose in.
Q - is for Quinella, doesn't matter who comes first
R - is for Redundant, 'cause I'm better than your worst.
S - is for 'Sploder, which I sometimes call a truck
T - is for Tourettes, shit damn hell bitch piss shit fuck.
U - is for Undies, for which I should have a party.
V - is for Vagina, which is funny when it's farty.
W - is for Water, which in winter turns to snow
X - is for MDMA, if you get it then you know.
Y - is for Yeti, who is smelly when it rains
Z - is for Zombies, who just want to eat your brains.
Tags: meme

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