Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Okay, having more or less recovered from Omegacon, I'm back to a normal life. Which of course is anything but normal.

First, I'm in a show. Commedia Beauregard is putting on A Christmas Carol, in the original Klingon. I'll have more information later, but mark December 8th on your calendars.

Next, it's cold, and there is snow happening, and wind. That makes it very un-nice to be working outside, and as such, I'm wanting to shift to inside work as much as possible. There's still some outside stuff that needs doing, but I don't think it's gonna take massive amounts of time and I can most likely do it on the weekends. The porch needs to be sealed, meaning not only the transom window, but the ceiling bays need to be insulated above the header where they're just open to the elements right now. The trick with that is getting power into the porch, since right now I'm feeding extension cords from the studio down through the window and in through one of the bays. I could run a temporary power feed into the porch through the conduit holes in the basement, and that's probably something I'm gonna need to do sooner rather than later.

(deep sigh.)

I'm sort of in hibernation-prep mode now. It's pre-winter, and I need to prep stuff on the Big Broken Box™ or risk the wrath of Old Man Winter yet again. Plastic on the windows would be a good thing, no? Except that I wanna put the plastic on the outside instead of the inside, and with the oldness of the windows, I don't know that plastic would even do it. It would likely help keep the warmy stuff in, and some help is better than no help, so I'll probably at least do something. Gotta say that the rigid foam panels in the windows idea is sounding really good right now. I've got 'em in the living room, and it really does make a difference. Of course, the whole not being able to see out the windows or have them let in any light kinda defeats the purpose of windows in the first place, but that's why we have television and the internet, right? I mean who really needs to see outside when all there is is snow and yuck?

And who needs light?

Tags: Big Broken Box™, cold

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