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Aggressive. - Hmm... I wouldn't put this as one of my top traits.
Loves being in long relationships. - I certainly prefer long relationships to short ones.
Stubborn and heard-hearted. - I don't think I'm hard-hearted at all. Stubborn, maybe.
Firm standpoint. - Most of the time I suppose I do, but I can be convinced.
Likes to give a good fight. - not so much. I like to debate and discuss stuff, but not fight.
Not one to mess with. - Yeah, I have to admit that you really don't want my undivided attention.
A caring person. - hells yeah.
One of a kind. - Could be said about anyone.
Strong-willed and highly motivated. - Pfft. Sleep.
Hardworking. - At times, yes.
Beautiful physically and mentally. - Sure, why not?
Extremely outgoing. - Not so much. I'm really very shy.
Good kisser. - Yes.
Loves to dream. - Yes.
Strong clarivoyance. - In the future, I will say yes.
Attracts others and loves attention. - Duh.
Loves to help people in times of need. - Also duh.
Loves traveling. - Kind of a miss here.
Dislikes being at home. - I like being home.
Restless. - Insomniac.

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