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Bleeding the radiators, that is.

Wow. Sorry, that really felt like a trick to get you to read the boring post about home maintenance, and how I am lacking in my duties as a know-it-all because this is something I should have done months ago.

So anyway, I need to bleed the radiators upstairs because there is no heat up there, and since Lauren is there it would be nice to actually have heat during the cold winter months.

To bleed the radiators, I need to pressurize the system. It's old, and it loses pressure slowly over time, but it takes a couple of years for it to get that low. To pressurize the system, I have to add water to it, but because the water coming in is cold, I can't add it to the boiler until the boiler is cold, or there will be a really freakin' expensive repair: cracked boiler manifolds are expensive.

So I shut off the heat about an hour ago. I have stuff cooking in the oven so there is some warmth, but I'm starting to feel the cold creep in around the edges. Yeah, see, this is the part where if I had thought to do it in like September, I wouldn't have had to sit through the cold bit.

It's a perfect job for two people, especially if you have those cool headset walkie-talkies. One person stays by the fill valve and watches the pressure, adding more as needed. The second person flits from room to room bleeding radiators. Doing it myself means a lot of up-and-down stairs.

When I installed the new boiler, I did re-engineer the plumbing to avoid problems with refilling the system, including isolation valves on the boiler itself, so I can make sure I'm not bleeding cold water into a hot manifold.

Okay, so we're done with that. Back now to your regular programming.


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Nov. 18th, 2007 10:21 pm (UTC)
that was very sneaky of you.

hope all goes well with your bleeding though.
Nov. 18th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
hmm, well, you don't have to resort to trix but you already know that.
i wish you were my landlord is all i can say.
i am so sure my rads need a bloodletting.

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