Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

My life is pretty clearly delineated by projects. The current project is The Kilngon Play, which is taking essentially all of my non-work/non-sleep time, but will end on Dec. 8th.

Most likely then I go back to working on the house. More specifically the transom window, which is still partially assembled in the living room.

It happens like this. The facade was similar, in that it took huge amounts of time and was the big thing that I was working on during that time. That took months, and I still haven't cleaned up completely from it.

Durations of projects tend to run in the weeks-to-months scope. Projects that go on for years (like the front porch and associated house bits) drive me up a tree. Logistically, they're a pain in the ass, and if there's not enough progress, I get all cranky and depressed. Short-term projects (like hours or maybe a couple of days) tend to be short-lived successes that don't weigh in on stuff as much overall, even if they're pretty big (like installing a dishwasher or a new lighting fixture).

I dunno if this has meaning. Just an observation.
Tags: navel gazing

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