Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Last night was a steppin' out night. Mark (Lopez) and his visiting sister were going out to Trail of Terror, and it was time for some local haunting festivities. We met up with a couple of other friends from the Fright Farm there.
First of all, maybe it was just that it was a Thursday night, but Trail of Terror was not as good as it was last year, which was also a decline from two years ago. There were fewer actors, the scenes weren't as well put together (there were a couple of gems, but usually there are many many more). The hayride was a bit better than last year, mainly due to the shining wit of Damien/J.T., who was the Hayride Host.
Okay. I just came from St. Louis haunts with a huge budget, so I am somewhat tainted in my judgement, but it's not just me. Everyone that was in our group was of the same opinion, and Mark and I both decided it wasn't worth going through the house again. THAT speaks volumes.
On other notes, other friends have gone through other haunts this year, and have noted the general decline in the quality. So far, the only two that have stood up to the test are Tunnel of Terror and Fright Farm, and possibly the Lords of Darkness haunt.
We might be going to a couple of them tonight.

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