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I managed to get the snowblower into the basement with minimal fuss. There was some twisting and turning involved, but it did fit eventually. After it thawed, I did check and indeed the leftmost auger is seized, so I will have to take apart the auger drivetrain. It's not that big a deal since it is meant to be serviced, but it's just awkward to work on and I may have to figure out a way to raise it up off the floor a ways. It's more the starter that concerns me, since the starter gear doesn't seem to be engaging and I don't know why. The normal scenario is a centrifugal clutch (or an intertal rotary engagement system if you wanna get all technojargonic), but it could also have a one-way pin-and-roller clutch.I won't really know until I get it apart.
Tags: fixing stuff

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