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The really fantastic thing about the writer's strike is that the TV shows are pretty much all reruns now, and that means I am free to do pretty much anything without considering whether I'd be missing a new show.
'Snot a big deal really. I'm not so married to any one show that I MUST SEE any new episodes, but I have found myself tending to cycle around the TV when House is on. That's not really a habit I want to get back into since I have a lot of stuff to do.

Last night I pretty much crashed when I got home. I started off petting the pooch, and woke up a couple hours later-- it was after 9:00 and I almost skipped fixing the snowblower. I'm glad I didn't, even though it was a couple of hours fiddling with the starter motor, because I also need to fix the back door frame from some long-ago somebody bashing the door in (before I owned the house), and I should do it before it gets any colder really because I also want to put some weatherstripping in place.

I'm also back on the basement because I really would like to have a place where I can build messy stuff again without worry, and the whole Mad Scientist Lab thing is severely lacking from my life. I am also coming into reminders of projects that have come my way for one reason or another and that I'd like to actually do because they'd help me out in other areas. And really, the basement is a good place for a lot of the stuff that's currently residing in my living room and dining room, like tools and paint and the like. Would that I could get a bunch of the crap out and actually use the living room for... well, living I suppose. Though really it's pretty desolate since the alterkitties have gone, that was more their territory until the facade, and since that's done it's become a staging area for the front porch. Most of the porch is enclosed now, and if I actually get the insulation in place and get it sealed up for winter I can actually heat it a little and have some stuff out there.

Looks like Battleship Nellie (AKA Mom) will be coming down for Christmas to stay for a few days. It would be nice if I could make that stay more enjoyable and less stress-inducing. I realize there's only so much I can do-- she is a mom after all-- but having some semblance of clean would be a good start. I promise not to make her sleep on the porch.

I still have the transom window to finish. That's currently in the living room, and between that and the back door frame, I could likely have a full night of repair/fix/build stuff tonight. Both seem to be epoxy-oriented, so they go well together. The back door is something I'd rather fix with steel, but that door is going away before too long anyway, so I'm gonna fix it well enough to last for now. The deadbolt locks firmly anyway, so I'm not really worried about somebody breaking the door down-- besides, Little Miss Woofsalot isn't exactly tolerant of strangers in the house, so anybody who would break in is likely to get their butt bit.

Beyond that, we will see. It's not like there is nothing to do.
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