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I's early in the morning, and my head is reeling.

I'm actually working. I'm coding. And I'm frustrated. Frustrated because I'm trying to add a rendering library into a program, and the program was written with a different rendering library. The interfaces are completely different, and they're annoyingly different.

In compu-geek terms, the render libraries were written to be platform-nonspecific, so they created their own equivalent of COM objects, and they are similar to Microsoft COM objects, but not the same. And they have defined things like an input bitmap object and an output bitmap object as these COM-like objects, but the two render libraries don't necessarily follow the same input and output rules. And because they are proprietary objects, I have no way to get a handle on the internal workings. The interfaces look exactly the same, but the fact that they are different object types means I can't use them interchangably. So I'm spinning my wheels trying to find a way to load an image sequence into the input format, because in theory the information is already there. I just can't use it.


I'm going to bed now.

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