Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Freakishly boring

The nifty mechanical device that I needed to make is an adapter so I can use the übertripod with Darthcam.

Ya see, the übertripod has a full-on professional head on it that's designed for larger cameras than the dinky form factor of the stealthy Darthcam, and it uses a little different kind of mounting. A baby video tripod head uses a single 1/4-20 thread to attach with a 3/16" registration pin, where the pro head uses two 3/8-16 threads and a 0.185 registration pin.

It's a clever design, made up of three interlocking 1/8" aluminum plates that stack, with various holes drilled and countersunk as necessary to mount the fabulous hardware together, all held together by brass machine screws. It even takes into account the offset mount of Darthcam so that the centerline of the lens is also the centerline of the tripod.

Unfortunately I discovered that unlike most machine screws, the length of a countersunk flat-head is not the thread length, but the length of the entire body. It is simply ass.

Tomorrow I can get new screws, but what a PITA.

I also did the whole thing without requiring an end mill for machining. It is however probably the last time I will try such a thing, because end mills are so damn cool. And I really need one anyway. Especially one with a combo lathe.

Or I could just get another mounting plate, but what's the fun in doing that?
Tags: darthcam, mcgyver

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