Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Smack in the middle of a depressive episode today. I bucked up and went grocery shopping, predominantly healthy all the way 'round. Opened the back of the 'Sploder to discover the 12-pack of ginger ale that I had forgotten, now sprayed all over the interior. Fabulous. Cleaned up a bit, but it's gonna require more time and finesse than I have the desire for right now.

It's deceptively cold outside. It doesn't feel cold until you're out there for a while, but it soaks into your bones. I'm still chilly, and I've been inside for an hour.

On a good note, I came home to some packages: a swath of DVDs I had ordered that finally showed up.

Special Dead (somehow I got two copies)
Evil Alien Conquerors (with Diedrich Bader)
Planet Terror (2 disc set)
Ultimate Versus (3 disc set!)
Alien Apocalypse (With Bruce Campbell)
The Man with the Screaming Brain (also starring Bruce Campbell)
Black Sheep (unrated)

Delicious cheese!
Tags: depression

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