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Started off by sleeping in until 11:00 today, followed up by a reminder that I need to take care of yet another city-mandated issue. This time, it's a pile of firewood that needs to be off the ground on a "non-rotting platform of an 8 inch minimum height".
Trip to Menards and a few hours later, the issue is no longer an issue. I was back in on the computer by 3:00, only to be interrupted by Val wo wanted a ride downtown to a place that she wasn't really sure of the address...
Finally back home a little before 4:00. Which means that my day of working at home is pretty much a wash.
The haunt crawl for tonight got cancelled. Everyone else ended up having other stuff to do. So maybe tonight will be a movie night. I'm thinking either Kill Bill or Scary Movie 3. Or maybe not at all.

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