Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Visited the Roadkills today.

Bob is doing pretty well for someone with an alien creature eating his brain from the inside.

They're back from Disneyworld. They have a superbed where Bob spends most of his time now, and he's pretty much bored out of his skull. He's not bedridden, but the meds and the cancer have made him weaker than he would normally be. It's hard to see him, but he is still Roadkill, just turned down a bit.

The visit was nice. I plan on going over more often, but really what they need is more friends visiting. I'm thinking of a once-a-week game night-- board games, most likely-- at the Roadkills. Bob might need to sleep for bits, but he's still lucid. There are some missing parts.

It's intended as a more social occasion, and as time progresses it will probably become purely social.

So if you're interested in Roadkill gaming night, let me know.
Tags: roadkill

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