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When did you first start watching horror movies?
When I was about 8-9 years old. Science Fiction and Horror movies on Saturday afternoon and evenings.

What first attracted you to horror?
Hmm... probably the stimulation of my imagination.

If someone said "watching movies where people are killed tortured and degraded means you support killing torturing and degrading other people" what would you say and why?
Bullshit. Movies are make-believe, all about illusion. It's like saying watching a magic show means you believe in magic. It's an asinine argument made by mental midgets.

Do you consider yourself a religious person? Why or why not?
Not anymore. When I was in college, I did a serious study of comparative religions, and what I discovered is that regardless of the religion, it was the people that were the problem.

Many fundamentalists say watching horror movies is condoning sin at best, committing sin at worst. Do you agree or disagree?
Disagree. First, the concept of "sin" is meaningful only in the religious context, Judeo-Christian mythology to be specific. It's an artifact of man. I don't play by those rules anymore, so the label is meaningless.

Do you think religion and an interest in horror and the macabre are mutually exclusive? Why or why not?
No. Religion (to me) is the expression of spirituality. An interest in horror is an interest in things that stir the imagination.

What do you think attracts you to movies that feature the dark and horrific aspects of life?
The ability to safely and comfortably confront fears and master them.

Do you consider yourself someone who has experienced abuse and degradation, and how does this affect your view of horror movies?
Abuse, yes. Degredation, not so much. There are other aspects of my life that the abuse has affected much more deeply.

Why do you think there are so few women who advertise and admit their interest in horror movies?
Because it's not "ladylike"? Societal conditioning is powerful, but I also think that a lot of horror is aggressive and violent in nature, and that seems to attract men more than women.

Does it excite you to see women tortured and murdered onscreen? Why or why not?
Excite? No. I'm actually not a big fan of torture porn, I'm much more attracted to the things you don't see, the suspense of a well-crafted story. My appreciation for gore effects is more about the artistry of the effects artist rather than any kind of excitement or thrill.

Do you think it's harder for you to watch women being hurt or tortured than it is to watch the same things happening to men? Why or why not?
Not really. It's all fake. I know that what I see on the screen isn't real, that it's people acting with a film crew and lights and the whole works. I'm there for the ride.

If you or anyone enjoy watching horror, rape, and torture on film, do you consider that a sign of mental illness? Why or why not?
Dear god no. Pretending to do something is entirely different than actually doing something. I consider it a sign of mental illness if you can't discern the difference between a movie and reality.

Do you think it's wrong for someone who's been abused in his or her own life to enjoy watching the same thing happen to a character onscreen? Why or why not?
Not at all. Watching something in a movie is a safe way to get a handle on it. If they get enjoyment from it, it's empowering, helping get rid of the feeling of violation and powerlessness from the abuse.

If you became interested in horror at a young age, can you tell me what it was like growing up interested in horror?
I was the weird kid. Super-smart, wild imagination. Pretty much the same today, but with a lot more confidence.

Did you ever have a hard time explaining to others why you are interested in horror? If so, please explain.
Nah. I don't particularly care anymore whether anyone cares if I'm interested in horror or not.

Why do you think it's harder for some people to understand why anyone would be interested in horror movies than other subgenres of film like action movies and romance movies? Do you think religion has any affect on people's perception of horror? Please explain.
Two separate questions.
1.) Narrow-mindedness, intolerance, a feeling of superiority.
2.) Religion in general I don't think has any bearing. It's the assholes that are in the religion that sometimes cause the effect.
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