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Okay, trying to get my mind on other stuff, namely making movies.

I have to make a movie this year. A short film, yes. Do I know what yet, no. There are some things I do know:

1.) It has to be cheap, like less than a grand total production budget. I already have most of the equipment I need, so that's not in the equation other than consumables (gaffer tabe, bulbs, food for the cast & crew, etc.).

2.) Seven minutes or less, final cut. I have longer projects in the folder, but for this first one my cut-off is seven minutes.

3.) Shot on weekends and possible weeknights if necessary.

4.) Limited locations. I have control over the Big Broken Box™, so that will likely be a primary location.

5.) Makeup and other visual effects would be nice, but must stay within budget. Actually that's not a really big limit, there's a lot that can be done without spending huge dough.

6.) Display a version on YouTube. It doesn't have to be the final version, it could be "cleaned up" for YT, but should substantially carry the mood.

I'd like to do something with suspense in the horror genre. Not a lot of blood and gore, more atmospheric and creepy. A comedy would work too, particularly someting that combined the two.

I'd like it to be something really good, like attention-getting. That means staying away from cliches, or using them only to turn them on their ear. It also means a good story, and that's hard to do in a short format.

It's either that or chipmunk porn.
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