Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Squirrel dance is my pet name for the feeling that you get when you're frantically jumping from thing to thing that you have to do without actually doing any of them. It's named after the back-and-forth dance that a squirrel in the road does when a car is bearing down on it and it's trying to decide which side of the street it should run to for safety.

Thus is my day today. My mind is jumping from topic to topic and I can't focus on any of them. So timeout, breathe, and write something.

Last night I spent some time building up some new lighting instruments. One is a six-bulb fixture (possibly seven) designed as a softlight-- I'm using the same fluorescents that I used in the chinaballs, but six bulbs instead of one, and a bit more directed light, like a chimera or an acorn. The bulbs are a 200-watt equivalent more or less, but even with a conservative estimate, it's like having a 1k softbox which is a nice light to have for people. The soft diffused light looks great on skin, and it only takes 300 actual watts to run. Besides, it's much cooler than a quartz light, which is a thankful thing when you have a lot of lights that you're using. I'm also setting it up so that each light can be individually turned on or off-- it's sort of like being able to dim the light as necessary.

The other light is a modification of Big Blue, the 1k metal halide. Basically it's a bigger reflector, and one that can be mounted on a baby post so I can use it with a C stand without as much hassle as the old cobbled-together reflector. Big Blue isn't a good color-balanced light source, but it does some fun things for shooting night scenes, when you want that old movie shorthand of blue = night but still want to be able to see: the light is very blue just by itself and doesn't need a gel.

This building spree was triggered by visiting this site. Well, kinda-sorta: they're both things I was planning to do anyway, and visiting this site just convinced me all the more. I hafta say that I'll very likely be buying lights from here in the future.

In other news... well, there really isn't that much happening in my life that I can talk about that I haven't already yakked about to death. The normal stuff is still there. It's cold. Work on the porch is summarily halted because it's cold.

More later, maybe.
Tags: filmmaking, lighting

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