Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I think along with the medication, my REM sleep is back, because I have had some fuckin' epic dreams the last couple of nights.

Last night's involved work taking us on a work outing via train to an undisclosed location. We were sworn to secrecy, given a pill for sleep, and whisked away to a weird place that looked like an old industrial farm in the backwoods, but with a lot more trees and river bluffs, and part of it had been turned into a very upscale restaurant/theatre/convention center combination.

Something felt subtly wrong about the whole thing. I kept seeing little clues here and there, like discovering a small part of a town I recognize, but from 50 years prior. And finding a lot of places called "King's" something or other, or the royal theater company...

As it turns out the technology was a dimensional travel technology. Bringing it to the attention of the board of directors that this also allowed for time and space travel and how unbelievably risky it was, I saw their eyes light up with the potential for profit, and I knew there would be war.

Not a good movie-dream, but some interesting political setup.
Tags: dreams

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