Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Still very attached to coming up with a short film idea, it's being very persistent. I'm even backing off of the scope and trying to figure out something interesting I can do with just myself at home that will exercise my mad skillz and still be interesting in a couple of minutes. It's hard because trying to light and shoot myself and then act in the scene makes for a lot of guesswork and very little camera motion.

I wanna do horror/suspense. It's a root thing: as much as I like comedy, the darkness of suspense and horror go very deep into me, and I think I need to let some of my inner demons play pretty soon lest they find their own way out.

Something draws me to werewolves. I can't remember the last good werewolf movie-- maybe Dog Soldiers, if that counts, or Brotherhood of the Wolf. Of course, werewolves mean makeup effects and a lot of planning.

What I have are skeletons. And a handful of "other" creatures and creature-bits, and some props.

Skeletons can be scary, especially when they move. The psychology of this is fascinating to me, and I think it stems from two places:

1.) Skeletons themselves reflect death, as the skeleton is the thing that remains the longest after death, and typically, one doesn't run into a skeleton except in places of death.

2.) Skeletons which have no muscle or connective tissue yet still move suggest some preternatural force that is animating them.

Another good one is suggestive shapes. Something that has a humanlike form but not human features is good, particularly if you don't see it clearly. Remember the little girl in Ringu (The Ring)? Not that I have a little girl that I can make into a Japanese ghost or anything, but the concept is still there.

Oooh. A confluence of ideas. Not one I can shoot by-and-of myself, but a good short.
Tags: filmmaking

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