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Boy Toy dolls

Inspired by comic book and anime art, and crafted using cutting edge materials, these posable silicone dolls are designed with fun in mind. Boy Toy Dolls are lightweight, easy to maintain, and made of an exclusive, all new silicone material. They have features that cannot be found on any other doll in the world.
And yes, of course, they are anatomically correct!

Hand crafted by the creator of RealDoll, through a new sister company of Abyss Creations, Phoenix Studios, these dolls will only be available as limited editions. Each Boy Toy is named after a month, and the quantity of each doll that will be made will be equal to the number of days in that month. There will only be 31 Miss December dolls, 31 Miss January, etc. These are extremely limited quantities, and each doll will be hand detailed by Matt McMullen and include a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

The dolls run some $7500 each, in case you want to buy several.

I don't know what to think. On one hand, it's an elaborate and expensive sex toy, and really, sex toy designs for men are far more stunted than sex toys for women-- whether it's an easier design for women I don't know-- but the whole RealDoll concept has bugged me in the whole isn't-it-like-fucking-a-corpse sense (plus, every RealDoll comes with it's own bottle brush and special cleaning solution... just eww).

But to go into the realm of cartoon/anime design is... I dunno, somehow a kind of Otaku-flavored perversion. I keep thinking that they will have to offer up some sort of silicone tentacle accessories to go with them.

And then there's the thought that these are a little like grown-up Bratz dolls gone pervy, and that just feeds into a weird pedonecrophilia vibe that nearly makes my brain short circuit.

Hell, I think I'd be a little clearer if they at least offered some sort of animatronic motion accessory, a sort of a love-robot that would make it at least give the appearance of being alive.

Of course, where this is going is that it might be more like it appears she's struggling. Which I suppose would have a certain appeal in very particular markets, particularly if they did have the tentacle accessories.

It's very dark inside my head these days.
Tags: animatronics, sex, toys

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