Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dear Sir/Madam,
    I believe we have done all that we can to help you. Because of your correspondence all transactions concerning the $11.5 million was put on hold and I cannot even start to tell you the kind of pressure I have been in for the past weeks. The three men who you had me believe were imposters, have connived with a senator of the federal republic to put pressure on me to release the funds. I believe they have struck a deal with this senator but that does not bother me, I answer only to the Minister of Finance and the President.
  But the situation you have left me in has put me between a rock and a hard place. Your lack luster attitude has been making me doubt your claim to these funds and as I told you in the last email to you I have very little time left before I approve the release of the funds to these men who claim to be representing you. Right now I cannot give you any information concerning these men because; legally you do not have any claim to the funds right now. I had given you all the necessary details and instructions on what to do.
  I also told you that without the court injunction and until you obtain the court injunction you will give me no choice but to approve the release on the $11.5 million.
  I remember you telling me that you could not pay the full amount which made me to consult with the legal department and subsequently I sent you an email telling you that the legal dept. made an application to the court that you pay half the amount and since then I did not hear anything from you. Your case has put me under a lot of stress and I do not think I can go on like this for long. I suggest you do what you can as soon as you can because I am going through so much stress. Out of all the people that were listed to be paid by the Federal Government yours is the only on remaining.
  Please call me immediately (011-2341-.8901401) or send me an email so I can know what to do.

Yours Faithfully,
Prof. C. Charles Soludo,
Governor C.B.N

It would be so much more believable if it didn't start out with Dear Sir/Madam.

Tags: spam

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