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Instant gratification

Odd bit of relationship stuff.
I recently menttioned to an LJ friend that I'd like to see her music collection sometime, as she has fairly eclectic tastes in music. She responded with a link to an on-line database of her MP3s. I found this amusing, so I told her that she was becoming Instant Gratification Girl.
Which got me to thinking that this would make her the ideal woman.
Think about it: a partner who could reply to your every whim instantly and positively, simply at the push of a button. Someone who could provide you with gratification of your desires without complication. Someone with no problems or issues of her own, who could make your happiness the center of her universe. The ultimate virtual girlfriend. And as computer technology improves, we step closer to the possibility of the push-button girlfriend a reality.
Then again, it sounds like the beginning of a plot for an episode of the Twilight Zone.
Part of what makes us intereresting is the human equation: those bits and pieces of our lives that are awkward, uncomfortable, and painful. Those times in our relationships that are less than stellar help to define what and who we are, and help to give us personality.
Because really if someone gave you whatever you wanted whenever you wanted it, ultimately it would get boring. Right?



I'd like to find out. :)

Except my candidate for Instant Gratification Girl would probably hurt me. Hell, she still might once she reads this.

Give me love so that I can kill.

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