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Intrigued. Based on answering some questions, it purports to give you a list of the best places for you to live-- sort of like a dating site (and we all know how well those work out). I just find it interesting. Of course, they don't ask the questions that really matter, like the likelihood of high-paying jobs in the motion picture industry, the availability of clean and friendly hookers or emotionally stable strippers, or the ability to build a large warehouse-type studio space.

The website is primarily about offering you a bunch of services and likely spam from hell if you're not careful, so if you proceed, proceed with caution.

Here are my top twelve matches:

1.) Portland, Oregon City of Roses
This Oregon city has the nation's largest forested municipal park, the aptly-named Forest Park…
Population: 2,000,000 | Average Home Price: $259,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 5"

2.) Corvallis, Oregon Heart of the Willamette Valley
This Oregon city hosts "da Vinci Days," a festival of unique events revolving around art, science and technology...
Population: 50,000 | Average Home Price: $225,000 | Precipitation: 43" | Snow: 6"

3.) Seattle, Washington The Emerald City
The game "Pictionary" was developed by a waiter in this town in 1986…
Population: 3,300,000 | Average Home Price: $435,000 | Precipitation: 35" | Snow: 15"

4.) Cincinnati, Ohio The Queen City
This big Ohio city with the small-town feel is home to baseball's first professional team: the Reds started in 1869…
Population: 1,690,000 | Average Home Price: $161,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 19"

5.) Albuquerque, New Mexico The Pulse of New Mexico
This city's International Balloon Fiesta features 850 hot air balloons each October…
Population: 471,900 | Average Home Price: $211,000 | Precipitation: 8" | Snow: 15"

6.) Denver, Colorado The Mile High City
At an elevation of 5280 feet, this Mile High City boasts world-class skiing within a short drive…
Population: 557,500 | Average Home Price: $280,500 | Precipitation: 16" | Snow: 60"

7.) Medford, Oregon Gateway to the Pacific Northwest
This gorgeous spot boasts the West's only operating water-powered grist mill, located on the banks of Little Butte Creek since 1872…
Population: 190,000 | Average Home Price: $238,000 | Precipitation: 19" | Snow: 8"

8/) Eugene, Oregon The Emerald City
This Oregon city is home to the Hendricks Park Rhododendron Garden, famous all over the world for its beautiful blossoms...
Population: 142,000 | Average Home Price: $226,000 | Precipitation: 48" | Snow: 7"

9.) Kent, Washington The Heart of Puget Sound
This family-friendly town is centrally located in the heart of the Puget Sound region…
Population: 79,500 | Average Home Price: $240,000 | Precipitation: 35" | Snow: 15"

10.) St. Louis, Missouri Wonder of the Modern World
The Sporting News recently named this the best sports city in North America…
Population: 2,634,000 | Average Home Price: $255,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 18"

11.) Bellingham, Washington The Victorian Seaport
The annual Ski to Sea challenge held in this breathtaking port city includes snow skiing, running, biking, and kayaking…
Population: 67,000 | Average Home Price: $300,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 7"

12.) Chicago, Illinois The Windy City
This big city has more shopping center space per capita than any other American city…
Population: 2,869,000 | Average Home Price: $278,000 | Precipitation: 32" | Snow: 40"

Significant amount of PACNW in there, yes?

But where did Chicago come from? 40" of snow? If I was gonna move, I'd go someplace with less snow.
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