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Gronk. Feelin' a bit better, I think. Difficult sleeping. Invaded by needy pets. Petty needs?

Heart rate monitor finally showed up. Doesn't take much to bump me up into the zone.

There are two ways of calculating the weight management zone based on heart rate.

The first, based on maximum heart rate (MHR) is to subtract your age from 220. 60% to 70% of that is your target zone rate, so for me, it's 105 - 122.

The second method is to find your resting heart rate (RHR) and add 20 - 40. My RHR is bouncing between 60 and 70 these days, so take 70 as my base RHR and I get 90 - 110. The next zone up (40 - 60) is 110 - 130

Other online calculators give me
105 - 130
133 - 144
133 - 154
105 - 148

Realistically, there's not a lot of difference in the actual fat-burning percentage in the first couple of levels, and the best recommendations are to vary the intensity levels. I haven't worn the monitor while walking the dog yet, but after putzing around the house a bit, a heart rate of 85 - 90 was the norm. I'm betting that I can get up into that 105 - 130 range pretty easily with walkies. I'm also pretty sure that I can easily go over that on the bike.

I'm not overly worried about hitting it exactly. It's not that exact a science, but it's nice to be able to have a target.
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