Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

So a while back, I picked up this movie-- Skinwalkers-- which promised to be something akin to a werewolf romp.

It's been a while since I've seen a good werewolf movie. This one has a cast list that's... well, if not top notch, actually quite recognizable. It's got that guy from that TV show, and that other guy from that other TV show, and that one guy who's played a bad guy in pretty much every movie role he's been in, and that one other guy who was maybe in a boy band back in the late '80s?.

I was actually dreading it a little bit. What I wasn't expecting was a modern-day werewolf western with a good story attached to it. It's actually compelling, and quite well done. A bit cliché at times, but much better than I expected, with one of the most awesome werewolf fights I've seen.

Stan Winston Studios did the werewolf makeup. Quite good considering the limited budget.

All in all a watchable, rather nifty movie. Canadian in nature. Man, them wacky Canadians, they can do a damn fine mouvie these days, eh? Toronto, not Vancouver. I suppose that's like the New York of Canada. Montreal's more the French Chicago, and Vancouver is LA, but with less Mexicans and prettier trees.

Same Producers as the Resident Evil series. Don Carmody, primarily, and Dennis Berardi.

Not a lot of gore. PG-13.

The Dirctor, Jim Isaac, is primarily a Visual FX supervisor. Looking at it, every scene is post-processed digitally to achieve a "look". I am entirely okay with this, as I've done it myself and I understand the reason, but where I did as much as I could with the lighting first, They did a lot of day-for-night, some really heavy changes. Not everything, but I didn't catch it the first time through, which means they did a really good job.

Next up is the Anthony Hopkins film Slipstream.
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