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Naugahyde is not a color

Took some time to explore LiveJournal a little bit. Finally found the placeto change my colors and moods, so I set it to something that I found pleasing. Also added my picture. And found eldogo had added moi, so I had to try and figure out who eldogo was. Finding that this is kinda fun.

Went for a walk earlier. Spent about two hours strolling with the pooch, which is a small miracle for me because of the arthritis. I think that means it's either getting better, or I've finally sawed through the nerves.

Job interview tomorrow. It's a strange mix: the interview is not about a specific job, but because the HR person saw my resume on Monster, and it was just too good of a fit to pass up. After my first phone call with her, I had to agree. Small company that provides engineering services, privately owned, and the areas they cover fit extremely well with my skills.

I've been on a LOT of interviews. You tend to do that as a contractor; it's like going to auditions when you're an actor. After a while you get to like them. This one should be pretty low-key, as there isn't a specific position immediately available, but they are talking about expanding.
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