Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Next to oddliness

Saturday I spent most of the day at Casa McCall doing voiceover recording for the upcoming HI 'Crapture of Bigfoot'. Seeing as this is a grotesquely bad movie, plans were made to do some drinking afterwards, and due to circumstances, we ended up at the Leaning Tower on University, where I discovered they had cider on tap. And much sousing was accomplished.
The sousing led to a group decision to go to Deja Vu. Yes, the strip club.

By "we", there were two couples: Thom & Sheryl, Tony & Kristi, myself, and Rick. It was Rick's first time at a strip club, which was also a part of the decision to go there (in addition to the alcohol).
Now I am no stranger to strip clubs, having worked in several while in school. But I was completely unprepared for what I found.
Deja Vu was the absolute least erotic strip club I have ever been in.
It wasn't just me either. Everyone at the table was commenting on how completely sterile and sexless the club was. You'd think with a bunch of rather attractive mostly-naked babes strolling around, there'd be something.


Zero, zilch, nada. Bupkis.

The women were just bored and uninterested. There was no showmanship, no sensuality, not even really eye contact. You could feel a tangible sense of man-hating from the dancers, and the couple of times that they had birthday dances, they weren't even fun to watch-- you felt sorry and a little frightened for the guys in the chairs as they were practically beaten with body parts. It was so disappointing that it was nearly traumatic.

My fear is that this is what has become of the strip club through the evolution, that they have been so sterilized that they have been completely rent of any eroticism whatsoever.

On a good note, almost all of the dancers had very aesthetically pleasing asses.

I'm looking at upgrading my computer system. I've been doing the computer gaming thing for about a year now, and I've just hit the ceiling with games-- I have a couple that I just can't play because my video card is behind the times. Really, it's about four years old and it's still completely serviceable for most things, particularly programming, but it's starting to fall behind on the curve.

I'm looking at a Radeon 9600 pro video card. Good bang for the buck, and it should keep my system happy for a while longer, until I can pony up some dough for a completely new system. The 9600 has some dandy features, including dual-monitor support. Personally I'd rather have a single widescreen monitor, but they are still way too far out there in price. They are coming along though-- another couple of years and I'll be able to have a single HD monitor serve as a movie screen and a computer monitor. I've seen this in action, and it's freaking amazing.

Also, my laser printer died and I've been looking for a replacement. I've been out of touch with printer technology for a while, so I was surprised to find under-$1000 color laser printers. Like significantly under $1000.

My sleep schedule is completely askew. Who knew?

Also, anybody have advice on taking niacin for circulation?

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