Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Drinking the flesh

Undercurrent of something that could be mischief today, a sense of playfulness tinged with a harder edge of fuck you. It's a good feeling for a Friday, perhaps less so for a Friday at work. Headphones are a good thing. I don't think my cow orkers would necessarily appreciate my taste in music.

Had some plans for the evening that may be abandoned if the snow keeps falling, as I really don't feel like driving more than necessary. And I'm in this bizarre wanting-to-clean mood that I should probably take advantage of before it goes away. It may be shot by the end of the workday because by then I'm usually pretty mentally exhausted and all I want to do is be a stalk of celery, or possibly a sofa tuber.

Cleaning. How rebellious.

It's not just cleaning, really. It's an archaeological expedition, loooking back into a period of history that has a special significance for me. It'd digging through the detritus of the past, sloughing off the dirt and decay, and seeing a slice of a past life, a past time, trying to imagine how it was, what it was like back then, and why these objects had special meaning to their owner. Sometimes there are real gems. Most often I wonder why anybody would hold onto some of this crap, whether it was some sort of mental illness that caused someone to think that this thing actually had any value.

I have tunes with me today. It's very possible that my attitudinal adjustment is partly due to being in soundtrack mode, headphones on, ignoring the outside world. I'm okay with that. It makes the tedious work of mapping source code a whole lot more palatable. It also brings the closeness of music and movies together, the visual quality of the music bringing the emotional coverage to the scene. It's downright inspirational.

Snow is pissing me off. I'm gonna have to burn time shoveling, or snowblowing. This shit was almost entirely gone yesterday.
Tags: mischief

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