Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The Brunching Shuttlecocks are back!

Jan (Jill) and Dave (Jack) were excited to spend a romantic weekend in the dark and forbidding forest. But when Dave's attempt to dig a love nest under the old willow tree unearths a sacred tomb, evil awakes! Now, the Mummy of Murman's Dell (Peter) has risen from it's slumber and hunts the two lovers throughout the forest! Some things are better left asleep. Will they survive! Will they find peace! Who will stop The Mummy! Wrap your arms around your loved one a catch The Shambling tonight!

Romanian genius Hurgust Milslovocky brings his enchanting vision of the future to the screen with his new tale of horror, Roses are Red! Bloto Hrumberg (Jack Samson) and his wife Ollgu (Jill Underly) live in the Sleepy Little Town of Chorvost, Romania. They live a happy, healthy life, until their peace, and the peace of the town, is shattered when a raving lunatic (Peter Verschnaal) arrives with tales of undead zombies eating travelers on the road to Chorvost. Soon, the zombies arrive in town and the feeding frenzy begins! Bloto and Ollgu eventually barricade themselves in an ancient chapel and must devise a plan to stop the zombies before they become the next meal!

Ten years ago, in a groundbreaking scientific experiment, the 'evil' half of psychotic serial killer Heinrik Futon (Jack Samson) was separated from the 'good' half and discarded, leaving Futon a humble, gentle human being. Since then, Heinrik has been living at the Harbor County Mental Institute under the care and guidance of Doctor Josephine Prudence (Jill Underly), working off his debt to society. But the discarded 'evil' half, now named Feinrik Huton (Peter Verschnaal) has returned and would like very much to be 'rejoined' with his better half and will stop at nothing to get his evil way! It's Futon vs. Huton in the blood-splattered halls of the Mental Institute! Will good prevail? Will evil conquer all? Find out in the tense new serial thriller, Sanity's Garden!

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Tags: filmmaking, fuckoff, fun

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