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What? Everyone Doesn't Like Me?

Why do you think it is some people don't get along with you?

Thanks to autodidactic.

1.) Not everyone has to like me. I'm an acquired taste, like Irish wine or stinky foot cheese. I don't try to make everyone like me, and I don't particularly care unless I discover that people who haven't ever met me have made judgements about me based on gossip.
Really, my life isn't gossip-worthy.

2.) Some people attribute things to me that are not mine. Usually this is some sort of reflection of something that they don't like about themselves.

3.) I am very WYSIWYG. This is not the norm, at least for here. If I have motives, you will be able to know what they are right up front, I don't hide them. If you suspect I'm hiding something, see #2 above.

4.) Sometimes I smell funny.

5.) My interests don't coincide with a whole lot of people, at least among the social group I hang out with.

6.) I live in a Big Broken Box™. People don't want to see a work in progress, they want to see a finished product. I ain't finished yet.

7.) I'm too nice. Bleah.

8.) I have no mystery.

9.) I'm not into BDSM, I'm not into polyfuckery (vs. polyamory, I make the distinction), and I'm really attracted to women who have brains and personality over big tits. A nice ass doesn't hurt (unless you get hit with it really really hard).

10.) Some people are just assholes.
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