Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I've had a bunch of people today commenting on how much weight I've lost. Yes, I know it's visible, but for me it's an everyday thing. For some reason, today people notice. I'm thinking it's the haircut, since my hair is all away from my face now.

I think it still surprises me a little when people see the change.

Not sure what's on the slate for tonight. More basement cleaning probably. I should probably take care of some of the outside stuff since most of the snow has gone and it's still light enough to work by the time I get home, even after walkies, but that may wait for the weekend when I'll have more time.

I really do want to get to a place where I can have both the porch empty enough to work in and the living room empty enough that I can rearrange the furniture. I want to be done with the porch already, and it's time to bring it to fruition.

New siding this year, too. Spring bring fling thing!

There's a crapload-- a metric crapload-- of concrete work to do outside this year too. The front sidewalk is broken into enough pieces that it pretty much needs to be replaced completely. That was always the plan, it's just obviously become time to do it.

I don't mind doing concrete work; actually I kinda like it, in small doses. It's when it gets large that I start to crumble. It's a lot of heavy lifting, and it's very physical work, and I've not been all that comfy with hours of heavylabor. And now, because I have to manage my energy reserves, I don't know how all that's gonna work. I guess we'll see, n'est ce pas?

There will be digging. And leveling. And tamping. And smashing. And levering. And shoveling. And wheelbarrowing. And I'll have to figure out a temporary solution for the front steps so I can continue to get mail.

It's gonna be a busy summer.
Tags: Big Broken Box™, cleaning

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