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The last day of March, and the sky is falling, white.

I am feeling remarkably intolerant today. Downright grumpy. There's reason for it I supose-- there's always reason-- but that doesn't make me any more apt to accept anybody's shite today.

Sometimes I hide when this happens, but I don't feel much like hiding today. I feel like communicating, or at least trying to communicate. Problem is I don't seem to have a good handle on the inner stuff today.

Hit a weight-loss plateau again. Probably an indicator that I need to crank things up a notch and be more vigilant about food choices. It's too easy to latch onto food that stays down easily, and I can't just do that, I need to focus on protein and low carbohydrate/low fat choices.

I made Mac n cheese with cottage cheese yesterday. It actually turned out pretty decent. I've never been much of a fan of the cottage cheese, but when choices are limited, it becomes a bit more palatable.

More later.
Tags: pissy, snow

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