Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Did you date anyone this past summer?
Well, not just anyone. I do have standards.

Who was the last friend in your house?
Lauren, but she lives here. Before that, I don't really remember.

How's your ex doing?
She seems to be doing okay. I talked with her on the phone a couple of days ago.

Is there someone you want to fight?
Not right now, no.  There has been in the past, and there likely will be in the future.

What color shirt were you wearing when your last kiss took place?
Chances are it was black.

Song playing right now?
Gosh, there's no song playing right now. Last song was "Traffic and Weather" by Fountains of Wayne.

Does anyone like you?
Nobody likes me.
Everybody hates me.

What are you thinking about right now?
Eating worms.

Whats your middle name?

What were you doing an hour ago?
Writing something.

What does your last text message in your inbox say?
My last text message in my inbox? There's noting in my inbox. Wait, on my phone? Actually, I clear my messages fairly regularly.

Do you secretly like someone?
If I told you, it wouldn't be secret now, would it?

Where were you friday night?
At iamheavenrender and autodidactic's place trying to fix the network. Then Lauren's birthday bash. Then home.

Do you wear the seatbelt in the car?
Yes. Wearing it out of the car is uncomfortable and silly.

Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else?
Yes, but they were mistaken. Except for that one time when I actually was someone else. Boiy, was that embarrassing.

Next vacation you're going on?
What's a vacation?

Do you have any piercings?
Does my stomach count?  If it does, I gots a whole bunch.

Do you like to text or call more?
Prolly texting.  Phone sex requires too much concentration.

What's the closest blue object to you?
The sound controller display, or the LED on the 'puter.

Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your bf/gf?
It would really depend on the circumstances. It's pretty likely, really, I'm not into ownership.

Is there anyone you hate?
Probably not in that sense.

Are you single?
Well, I'm certainly not a couple.

Do you like the color orange?
No. Orange killed my father. I can never forgive that.

Do tattoos and piercings excite you?
Only when I wake up and I have them.  Or when I wake up next to a hot nekkid chick who has them. Two different kinds of excitement. I hope.

Where was your last long road trip to?
Hmm... Kansas City.

Sometimes, do you wish you were someone else?
No. I wish I was me with someone else's body and stuff.

How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed?

Would you kiss them again?
Nope. 120 is my limit.

What is the weather like today?
This is like having a phone conversation with my retarded cousin with the really short attention span.

Worst job you have ever had?
I was a DJ in a roller rink for a day.

Was your last kiss drunk or sober?
I'll say sober.

Why did your last relationship end?
Somebody fucked up beyond what was fixable.

Do you talk to your most recent ex, or crush more?
Hmm... Probably the ex. I'm not crushing too hard right now.

Who did you last talk to on the phone for over 20 minutes?
The ex.

Where will you be in an hour?
Hopefully asleep.  That's not a where so much, but I think it's more descriptive than "ten feet away".
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