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There's a worldwide sales training meeting happening this week in our office. The meeting room is behind my cube, and the salesweasels are a boisterous lot. I have headphones to block out the noise, which works to a point. I call it soundtrack mode, because it's like watching a movie with just the soundtrack playing. Of course, it's a really boring-ass movie, and I'm in a funk enough to keep the playing field six feet under.

At least it seems to have stopped snowing.

Really down today. The weather doesn't help with the cold snow/rain thing happening. Talked with Mom yesterday, and they've had a huge snowstorm up in Bemidji, something like 12 to 20 inches of snow. Ice on the bottom, making the roads really treacherous.

I suppose if I had a coating of ice on my bottom, I'd be treacherous too.
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