Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Part of wanting to get the basement cleaned out is the desire to have my Mad Scientist Laboratory in place. I really need a dedicated space to work on my creations, to give my monsters life. Right now I'm using the living room, and it's less than optimal, and really disastrous to the floor.

The latest monster is a puppet. Kind of a sock puppet on acid-enhanced steroids, far from a Muppet being, not friendly at all. He's a movie monster, not scary without the enhancements of lighting and sound to help bring his personality out, but with them, he's a strange alien being that is inducing of terror.

The next monster was born of a trip to Ax-Man this weekend, and the discovery of some military surplus gas masks. They need to be modified, and I'm not entirely sure of the enhancements, but for the eyes-- also born of Ax-Man, or a fusion of Ax-Man and 'Nards.

Then there are the baby heads. Creepy doll heads from Ax-Man. Hard to explain why they're creepy, and perhaps it's just my own imagination that makes them creepy.

The bodies... that's a whole 'nother pustule to puncture. Part of the lab is gonna have to be devoted to assembling the bodies out of parts that need to come from somewhere. And I do live close to the cemetery...

Or perhaps I'll just have to go with my original plan of making a master corpse body and molding it so I can cast corpses as needed from foam. I know it's not nearly as creepy, but it will help keep the smell down, as well as not having to dodge those pesky security guards.

And I have the polypropylene body molds in the storage shed. They're not detailed, but they're proportional. Polypropylene isn't ideal for molds, but the price was right, and if I'm gonna be making monsters, I might as well put 'em to use.

And at some point, I need gargoyles.

Really, at some point, don't we all need gargoyles?
Tags: animatronics, horror, pictures, sfx, toys, vfx

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