Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Focus tonight on the lab area, I think. There is some contention on which areas are the most important, and outside is a strong contender. The lab though is a critical component, kind of key to the core of many different things including the porch. All of the porch electrical feed has to be routed through the lab, and the wall that will have that on it is currently buried in stuff. The exterior is more of an aesthetic thing, but in a neighborly sense, it's probably a good idea to get it cleaned up. Since it's neither raining nor snowing today, it may be a good day to slay that particular beast and get it overwith.

I do want to check on the boiler though, and make sure it's igniting properly.

A bigger project in the basement is the routing of the conduit runs. The service panel is on the west end of the house, and the porch is on the east end. I want to run some large PVC electrical conduit specifically for new electrical runs, and there is at least one nifty issue with a steel beam. I can probably work around that because it's close to a wall that's framed in, and I need to be running feeds into that wall specifically anyway. I don't know what's direcly above it though, and it is a primary load-bearing piece.

I'd love to run all of the romex through the ceiling joists in the basement, but the ceiling is plaster, and all of the joists in the middle section of the basement run perpendicular to the run of the electrical needs. I could chop out a chunk of the ceiling to do it, and that's a likely solution anyway since I also need to do plumbing for the heating system in the future.

To do that, I'll need to clear out the workshop area of the basement as well. That's also in the plan for the immediate future.

Drilling through joists is something to be wary of though. When you drill a hole or cut a notch in a joist, you weaken it, and you need to be aware of how much and whether you need to strengthen the joist at that point or risk compromising the structural integrity of your house. There are specific building codes that address this, and I know what they are, which helps.

There's also the cable runs that I want to do for ethernet, phone, cable, and the like. Those I definitely plan on conduit for because I want to be able to add cable types (like fiberoptic) later. And there are a couple of large-diameter vent runs that I'd like to make in case I decide to add central AC later.

Tags: Big Broken Box™, building stuff, cleaning

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