Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Got home, went for walkies (consistently at an hour these days), and was looking forward to some cottage cheese before discovering that I had no cottage cheese left. Instead of doing the smart thing and going to the store, I decided to cook.  Ground turkey in a nice marinara sauce with garlic, basil, and some spicy red pepper sauce.

This of course led to the by-now-familiar projectile horking.

Eventually I worked my way to the corner store and picked up not only some 2% cottage cheese (they didn't have the fat-free variety), but some more fruit-enhanced yogurt, as well as some Ben & Jerry's uberchocolate-fudge ice cream.

Yes, I get to have ice cream. Small amounts, but it's a wonderful thing.

Except for tonight. Spamcrunched headlong into a wicked violent mood swing, and unprepared was I.

Decided to hit the bed early. About an hour later, feeling a bit better, I decided to at least check on the boiler, which seems to be working all peachy-keen for the moment. I'm still gonna try to pick up a new pilot assembly tomorrow morning (the place was closed tonight) if they have any in stock. It's a right bitch to find, even on the internet. I found one, but it's about twice the price it should be. Once that one's replaced, I can do some modifications to the old one and clean it up to make it all more better.

It's a q348A Honeywell pilot burner assembly. Q348A1333 if you wanna get all technical and shit. It's mounted at a 45-degree angle, which I think is part of the problem since the pilot flame wants to go up and it only heats the top of the sensor rod. I can't adjust it too much because the mount is welded onto one of the burners, and I'd have to retrofit an entirely new bracket for it because it's not adjustable.

There is however a certain interesting charm to becoming so involved with the boiler ignition system. I'm now rather intimately familiar with how the damn thing works, familiar enough that I can see some places for design improvements.

More than anything, I think the old module needs a more thorough cleaning of the gas orifice and filter, or possibly an adjustment of the pilot flame. It's certainly not heating the sensor rod correctly.
Tags: Big Broken Box™, fixing stuff

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