Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

My head is still reeling from all of the meetings yesterday. A couple I can handle, but yesterday was overload for me, and my boss had five, along with a pregnant wife so he's in a sort of mental space of spinny-spinny.

I took the night off last night. I think it was a good choice, because I ended up in a really funky mental place that hasn't entirely departed. Add in another three hours in meetings today, and I'm pretty much spent.

I was thinking of doing something tonight to celebrate the start of the weekend, but I'm considering more being a homebody, as outside isn't particularly inviting today, and the aforementioned being fried kinda makes me less than elaborate company.

And there's having no cash to throw at any sociables. This is the tight-money time. Happily I only bounced one purchase, but I'm only gonna get my ass saved by a miracle from above (above being an insurance reimbursement that's almost two years in coming which is supposed to be at the house tonight). The winter's gas bill came through, and that nasty cold snap that we had cost way too much.
Tags: money, self-musing

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