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Shortly after lunch, I got smacked down by the sleepies, and they're not going away despite ministrations of both iced tea and Red Bull on my cooled psyche. If I were home, I'd be nap by now. That it's heading north of 76 degrees in here doesn't help.

Barring catastrophe, there will likely be early sleepies tonight. We shall see how I fare by the time I get home, but I've been fairly active in getting bits of cleaning done here and there, and a night off ain't gonna hurt me.

There will still be walkies-- the Sadie Pooch isn't one to accept staying at home on a nice day-- and the normal walk is now pooching out a little over an hour.

It's weird how whenever I'm walking, I want to get a giant vacuum cleaner and suck up all the sand and pea gravel from the sidewalks so I can use it when I'm mixing the concrete that I need to mix. Holy Cabana Boys Batman, do I have a whole lot of craptastic concrete that I need to kill off and have hauled away. From the front of the house, the stairway up from the sidewalk is good, and that's the last bit that's actually salvageable. The sidewalk from the stairs to the front door, the steps up to the front door, the walk around the side, and the entire back parking pad is toast.

I also need to remove a tree and its associated stumpy root system and move the shed to a new location. The tree has to go away first since it's in the way of just about every damn thing I need to do on that side of the house, including the new siding. I kinda hate to kill it, but it's a weed tree, and it's encroaching on the house foundation. It's already busted through the fence, and it's overreaching the roof and wreaking havoc with the shingles. It's gonna cost a chunk to have someone take it out, money I don't have right now.

The other option is to rent a chainsaw and a wood chipper, climb up on a ladder and do it myself. I'd much rather somebody else do it and just deal with the whole thing. I suppose it will depend on the estimates. If I do it myself, it's a couple hundred bucks and a day out of my life, along with an increased potential for damage.

Then again, what's life without a little risk?
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