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Naked in a Hot Tub

It was one of those small parties where late at night the conversation turns to really interesting topics like sex and relationships. This particular one started with an e-mail a few days ago about being in a hot tub full of naked supermodels. Then it turned into a list of what five people would you most like to be naked in a hot tub with.
But it took a really interesting turn when we put some constraints on it. What we finally ended up with was this:

If sex was not an issue, who are the five people you'd most like to be naked in a hot tub with?

Suddenly it became difficult. What we discovered were some interesting bits of info:
First, we all picked people that were already friends rather than fantasy figures.
Second, all of the guys made lists that were exclusively women. And after some discussion, we came to the conclusion that with men, we would feel competitive and considerably more self-conscious.

And it's a little weird, because you take the dynamic of the people into consideration. For instance, there are people that I'd enjoy being naked in a hot tub with alone, but would feel uncomfortable in a group.

After putting together my list, I discovered some common traits: all of the women were people that are nice, that I trust, and that are in general friendly and social.

I debated printing the list here, but considering that there are two of the people on my LJ friends list on my hot tub list I'd rather speak to them first.

Something to be mentioned-- it's not that I think it's likely that all of us getting naked in a hot tub is likely anytime soon (or ever). It's more an exercise into psyche. Naked has connotations of vulnerability, and I think it has a lot to do with trust.

Incidentally, I was surprised at a couple of my choices.


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