Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

"Sure, 250 lbs. per shelf. Just not all at once."

To be fair, the load on the shelves was just under 200 lbs per shelf. And all of the shelves were loaded, so the bottommost plastic tube legs were holding something like 800 lbs. Some would say "duh". I say d'oh.

I spent some time on clean-up detail tonight. heavy clean-up detail.

Looking at the picture, each of those bags of concrete weigh 96.2 lbs. Two on a shelf, except for the top shelf which was three 60-lb bags of mortar/sand mix, only one of which broke open. I salvaged most of it, but I have to use it soonish.

And I have all of these stone molds that I need to test, along with concrete additives, dyes, stains and the like.

Perhaps this is the Big Hand saying DO THIS NOW.
Tags: Big Broken Box™
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