Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Birthday in pictures

I promised polanegri pictures.

Workies. Soundtrack mode.

Hey polanegri, I wasn't kidding about lunch.

It just looks dirty.

Then there was walkies. And apparently the soccer equivalent of little league.

"You call them children. I call them bait."

I was considering chum, but alisgray reminded me that they're more attractive to the sharks if they're still alive enough to thrash in the water.

Incidentally, a really good way to make young parents nervous is to take pictures of their kids.
Looking like this.

I'm such a lovable dork.

House for sale. It looks really nice. I'm betting the price is insane.

Edit: Holy Jumpin' Jeebus... a whole new level of insane.

Huge freaking house. The main house is four stories tall, and there's an addition above the three-car garage. There's a slate rock garden in the front that's amazing. And all the roof flashing is copper.

Across the street is this house... a cottage by comparison. The entire exterior is limestone. Not stone veneer, real limestone. And a slate roof. It's freaking gorgeous.

By the time I got back, it was pushing toward 8:00, so I troglodyted myself over to Offensive knitting.

Top to bottom: mira_halcyone, ethel, 4dramatic_flair. mira_halcyone was doing some amazing things with wool, spinning it by hand. It was absolutely mezmerizing.

briangee and I don't remember her name, but she was nice.

Me and alisgray, who was out and about with her zone of blurriness.

4dramatic_flair and me. Best hugs ever.

sageincave was there as well, but I kind of forgot to take any more pictures.

And then there was home to puppy cuddlin'. No pictures because I'm private like that.

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