Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Skip it

Psticky Pseudopods Pulling Prehensilely Portward.

Always been clever. Don't engage fucking garrilous horticulturalists; indeed, just kill lazy motherfuckers. Never oppose positive questions regarding silly themes under vacuum. Who x-rayed your zebra?

Obfuscatorium. Fucking walri.

There is a communicativity issue. I am trying to out get words describe the salamander within, and noodle of them are corpusculating. The voices are urging withdrawal while the commander lets loose the kittens of war.

Conflict --> Resolution.

Low signal-to-noise ratio. Informational noise is conceptual. Defies parsing.

If you're knocked down while you're knocked up, does it all even out or do you get bent out of shape?

how can I say goodbye?

It's raining again. It's not raining what I need. I don't know what I kneed, and it's knot bread dough. It's not raining bread dough either.

I eat chocolate very slowly.
Tags: babble

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