Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Trying to update my main machine last night with service pack 3, and it was unable to do so. It's a remnant from that damn crash I had a couple of months ago. Essentially I can't update anything on the computer that has to do with any Microsoft products unless I completely wipe and reinstall XP from scratch.

If I'm going to do that, I'd much rather build up a completely new machine that has more capability, like perhaps a quad-core (or dual quad-core) machine, and have it as my main work machine for editing and the like, and relegate the current machine to gaming and websmurfing. I think that's a decent division of labor, since I'm asking the current main machine to be all things, and it's not really excellent at that.

It would also hedge into the setup of a separate editing/production/work room, which is a plan I've had for a while. I've actually carried that out in a few different rooms with varying degrees of success, and maybe this time it can actually stick. The Room Where No One Walks is the primary candidate right now, though it needs some serious rework before it could serve as that. And it's full of *stuff* right now. I'm betting on a year minimum to get it where I want it. The big advantage is that it's directly over the service entrance, so running cables to the relocated router/etc would be a breeze, and I could actually locate render farm machines in the basement with a little noodling and monitor them upstairs. It's also closest to where the garage/studio is planned.

Nice thing about this plan is that it doesn't have to happen rightfuckingnow. I have enough computing horsepower in the house to heat a small building (literally), and I could really relegate a different (existing) machine to be the primary connection machine without a whole lot of hassle. It would cripple editing and content creation, but after I get past this current film project, I have nothing pressing that needs to happen, at least in that context.

It also might make sense to just upgrade the processor to a core2duo. I'd still have to wipe and reinstall XP, and all of the applications along with it, but it's still a pretty damn powerful machine and with the RAID array, it's a good editing machine. And it's hella cheaper to do that than build up a completely new machine.

It's still a pain in the ass to do that considering all the software I'd have to reinstall and relicense. Not that I haven't done it before, and a lot of it is on the fileserver for that very reason, but it takes days.

Yeah, my problem isn't exactly a killer. And I do have some other things that are a little more crucial right now.
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