Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Couple more machines down today. It looks like two of the computers are dead-ish, not making it past the boot screen, not recognizing drives on the IDE buses. Not a horrible consequence really, as so far I have five very workable XP machines out of seven tested, two of which are decent machines by today's standards (or maybe yesterday's):

1- Optiplex Gx620 workstation 3.0 GHz P4/HT, 2G DDR2/800, 500G SATA drive, with my old Radeon
1- Optiplex Gx620 workstation 3.0 GHz P4/HT, 2G DDR2/800, 500G SATA drive, with an Nvidia 8400
1- Optiplex Gx280 Small form factor 2.8 GHz P4, 1G 533 MHz, 360G SATA drive, Nvidia 8400 (media PC)
1- Optiplex Gx280 workstation 2.8 GHz P4, 1G 533 MHz, 160G ATA, on-board video, PCI-E slot available
1- Dimension 4600C teeny-tiny 2.8 GHz P4, 1G PC2700 RAM, 360G ATA, on-board video, AGP slot available

The laptop works and actually has a usable battery, but it's not exactly a speed demon and doesn't really have the memory capacity to run XP. Could be ubuntu'd, we shall see. It's not exactly a priority.

I have yet to try the GX150, which I suspect is another deadite, and the 110 which is almost prehistoric in Dell terms, and the three Industrial PCs which are... well, they are actually single-board computers on a passive PCI/ISA backplane. I'm guessing they may be either pentium 2's or possibly Xeons of that era; these were freakin' expensive machines from the year 2000, with (gasp) 7.5G hard drives in each one. Funny enough, at least one of them is chock full of PCI-bus A/D cards and I actually know how to read and write to these beasties.

If the boards actually work as single-board computers, they might be fun to play with for little midget controllers. Hell, the price was right, I think my bid for these was 50 cents each. Even if they're complete junk inside, the heavy-duty rack-mount cases are pretty spiffy.

I also have a couple of machines from the last auction up and running: a 2300 PowerEdge server (running ubuntu server, but can run XP), and a couple more laptops. One of the laptops needs to be repaired with a steady soldering hand and some time and would be a pretty decent machine (Sony Vaio), another laptop is running ubuntu, and another laptop horks trying to install.

There was another Dell machine in the first batch that I sent to Barb. She's quite happy with it, but her needs aren't exactly those of a power-user.
Tags: computer stuff

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