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So I'm at the hotel, freakin' exhausted. I was up at 4:30 this morning to make the plane which ended up being delayed an hour to begin with (1:15 by the time we finally arrived at Boston Logan), which meant that we not only missed a good chunk of the meetings we were supposed to have, we missed out on lunch.

Dinner was at Legal Seafood. Quite good clam chowder (or is it chowda?), and Rhode Island style calamari, and I am full to the niblick and cut to the quick as they say. They also had a dessert menu which was palatial, though I was well beyond desserts, fully half of their dessert menu was "liquid desserts", including a 30-year-old Mcallen single malt at $65.00 a glass. And no, I didn't have any for reasons too numerous to mention. I did get a picture of the menu which I'll have to upload after I get home.

(Points to you who understand the need to eat Calamari in Massachusetts.)

Boston looks cool. I'd love to actually, you know, visit sometime. So far I've been inside a handful of industrial buildings, a restaurant, a couple of cars (we had "limo" service) and a hotel with no hot tub, which ain't exactly livin' the high life. Tomorrow there will be more meetings then catching a flight back to the merry old land of home, where I will look like I've been hit in the face with a raccoon because of the dark circles under my eyes.

Until then, I love you my darlings. I am now to bed.
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