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A teenage boy has been caught using his dad's credit card to hire prostitutes - to play computer games with him.

Ralph Hardy, 13, has admitted ordering an extra credit card for his father before hiring two prostitutes from an escort agency.

He also took his friends on a £15,000 spending spree - that ended with the prostitutes being invited back to a motel to play "Halo" on Xbox.

The women later told police who arrested the group that they became suspicious when the boys said they would rather play "Halo" than have sex.

But it was a delivery man taking supplies of Dr Pepper and Oreo biscuits who raised the alarm, after the boys had asked for advice hiring women for sex.

They claimed to have won their windfall at a "World Of Warcraft" tournament - but the delivery man alerted police after discovering their age.

Arresting officers discovered $3,000 in cash, an Xbox and the two prostitutes when they reached the motel.

Ralph, from Newark in Texas, has now been convicted of fraud and given a three-year community order.

He had told police his lawyer father would not mind the stunt, because he had forgotten to buy him a birthday present a week earlier.

Somehow I'm getting the picture of what the family life is like.

Two German Shepherd dogs have been taken into care after their owner was accused of sexually assaulting them.

The two pets were allegedly "repeatedly" abused by the man, who lived with his mother.

Animal wardens took possession of the dogs following complaints.

They have asked a judge to give them permanent custody of the dogs.

Palm Beach attorney Shannon Fox said the man had repeatedly performed sexual acts with the animals.

But he may escape prosecution because bestiality is not a crime in his home state of Florida.

Earlier this year, Florida Senator Nan Rich tried to pass a law stopping people from "knowingly" committing bestiality or allowing others to.

But so far its progress through has been slow.

She said: "I think people are just uncomfortable with the subject matter.

"It's just unfortunate that there's just not more ways to prosecute these atrocious acts, because there is so much evidence they are an indicator of other sexually deviant crimes."

Aside from the abysmal, atrocious, nonconsensual nature of crittersex, I am a bit taken aback at the last bit of the quote here, in that I don't find it at all likely that a puppyfucker has any kind of drive to commit other "sexually deviant" acts. In my understanding, it's a very different kind of mental space than say a child sexual abuser (which is already split between predatory and non-predatory behavior) or a subway flasher, or what have you.

And "knowingly" committing bestaility? What the hell? "I'm sorry your honor, I didn't know it was actually a shitzu, I just thought it was a really ugly girl."

And there's this:

The brakes on this wind turbine failed during a storm. What makes it impressive is when you consider that those blades are 75 feet long each-- for reference, a semi truck trailer is about 50 feet long-- and if you look jut to the right of the base of the tower, you can see a commercial van parked next to it. That should give you an idea of the size of this thing.
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