Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Much like a tornado, the last several days have soomed by in a flurry of cows, trailer houses, and soda straws driven through tree trunks.
The tornado would be Chris and Windy's wedding.
Barb being in the wedding party was in an absolute flurry trying to get her dress done amongst the other activites that bridesmaids do. We also are hosting Bryan (Windy's brother), who by the way is an excellent houseguest and quite personable to boot.
Mostly, I've been working, trying to fill a 40-plus hour week in addition to running support for Barb and handling another side issue, and having some medical complications on top of it (which I shall abbreviate here for the faint of heart).
barda made fun of my hair, so I wanted to get it cut. Unfortunately, my stylist was closed for the long weekend, and I was relegated to having muppet hair through the wedding.
Grooms dinner on Saturday was tasty but not without complications. I took a lot of pictures, many of which will likely never see the light of day but will provide some laughter and snorking. Post-dinner, Barb went over to barda's for finish work and other girly stuff, Bryan was at the hotel, and I had the house to myself.
So what did I do? I programmed. I got on a roll, and stayed up waaaay too late.
Barb got home Sunday morning having not slept, I popped out of bed to shower quickly, and after I got out of the shower Barb had me help last minute dress-fixing, with me standing naked in the dining room and straight pins all over the place. Of course I got stuck, but I really didn't want to let Barb know because she was already frazzled enough without me pissing and moaning.
I made it to the Heights in time for the A/V setup, and I got to see petsnakereggie's video displayed on the big screen, so I can say that absolutely the system was working fine before the wedding. I was setting up the video camera way in the back, but I had managed to find an old wireless mic setup, and had tested it the night previous. And in doing so, I left it on. Which instantiated a trip to the local convenience store for new batteries.
And all went well until the start of the movie, which for some inexplicable reason was no longer working. And onto the ceremony where I was rather happy with the vantage point that I had picked until Charles stood in place, which almost completely obscured Windy. On a good note, I got great shots of all the soloists, but I felt really bad about Windy being blocked.
A side note about the dresses: *wow*. Everyone looked amazing, with Windy absolutely resplendent in an omigod-beautiful dress that looked fantasy-royal. I really wish I had been able to see more of it, but she seemed to be busy with other things.
I managed to follow them out to the limo and got some good limo shots before the trek over to the reception. And I decided to go home to let the dog out to pee.
When I got home, the dog was being very needy and affectionate, so I decided to have some cuddle time on the bed.
And I woke up when the phone rang. So I made it to the reception after dinner, but in time for the cake cutting. I managed to capture a few things on video, but the reception hall was just too dark to shoot effectively.
At the reception I was reminded of just how fantastic some of my friends are-- talented, creative, and solid-- and I had tequila. Hee. And watched Adrienne dance, which was a delight, as well as getting a chance to talk with her that we haven't had for a long time. And spending some time with Natalie was nice as well.
And then it was over, throwing popcorn at the happy (exhausted) couple, followed by some messy what-are-we-doing talk, where we finally made it to the Willage Wok with cajones, chebutykin, michaellee, eldogo, ez2beve, Bryan, Barb & I, and Tony Karna showed up after a few minutes after helping djnoise close up the DJ equipment.
Aside from tasty food and conversation, there was a very sleepy Barb, and after a splitting-the-tab fiasco, we went home.
Barb is still sleeping.
I had to go to the doctor today from the earlier-mentioned medical complications, which turned out to be not as bad as it could have been but not as good as I was hoping. I also got my hair cut, and managed to find a pro-audio & electronics store which absorbed a little over an hour of my time.
And home to crappy dial-up and 837 e-mail messages to download, mostly crap. That's about an hour of download time. I am really frosted by spam.

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