Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


All is stable on the dating front, in the same way that a cadaver is stable.

Like the way I was able to bring a cadaver to the table? I do that. It's in my nature. Makes dinner awkward sometimes.

I'm not really putting any effort into it. The occasional spurt here and there, but otherwise just kinda flatlined. I keep a couple of online profiles up, but the whole online thing is atrocious and has no basis for showing personality or anything meaningful other than how well you can write and maybe a few pictures. And we all know how pictures can lie: something that you maybe don't know about me but probably should guess is that I do photoshop the images I post (photoshop being used in the generic sense here, like refrigerator or aspirin, as well as verbing the noun, but I digress). Considering my history in photography and cinematography as well as digital color correction and effects, it shouldn't come as a particular surprise.

At the same time, I've tried to divest myself of secrets and all the hidey-things that we tend to use for defense mechanisms, and the photomanipulation kind of goes against that. So in the interest of full disclosure, I present to you the before-and-after pics for comparison.

Here's the after:

This is a pic from the webcam taken a few minutes ago, having crawled out of bed and with no real refresher (i.e. no hair combing, no face rubbing, no scalp massage, etc.), but after the digital image manipulation. It may not look like I did much to it, but that's a part of the whole trick, and when you compare the original unmanipulated picture side-by-side, the changes are more apparent.

You can see the subtle differences if you look carefully. And subtlety is really key: if the final image looks like it's been manipulated, the illusion is broken and I'm exposed as a fake.

Where the second picture is more representative of the way I actually look when I've crawled out of bed at 3:30 in the morning after a lot of tossing and turning, the first picture is more representative of the way I want to present myself to the potential woman-of-my-dreams. And really, with the amount of photopackaging and digital manipulation that we are inundated with every day, I feel justified in using those same tools to package myself in a more attractive manner. It's the same kind of thing as wearing spiffy clothes on a date, or not farting during sex-- it's all illusion.
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