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We went to the SA to get some ice. I flirted with the clerk and made her happy because I was nice instead of the cranky people she had been dealing with.

Played with trying to keep the gas engine from coming on as much as possible and just using the electric. It's unreal how quiet it is-- literally, it's silent when stopped, and incredibly quiet when it's actually running with just a quiet whine of the electric motor. If I didn't have the bag of ice in the back, I would have gone for a drive around the lake.

There are things I miss about the 'Sploder. She had two sun visors per side, so I could have good protection on both the side and front window easily-- Nookie has just a single visor per side. The 'Sploder had electric mirrors on both sides, Nookie has manual mirrors.

(Edit: my mistake, Nookie has electrically adjustable mirrors. The control is different and in a different location.)

Nookie also isn't set up for towing yet. I need to add a trailer hitch and the wiring harness to make that happen.

Nookie also has a CD player, where the 'Sploder just had a cassette. The speakers aren't that good though. I could replace them with something better, and I might at some point in the future. And it looks like it can play MP3 CD-R's as well, though I haven't tried it yet... that could be awesome, as I can fit a whole lot of songs on a CD. It's also compatible with a six-CD changer, but there isn't one installed. I could get an aftermarket one, but if the MP3 thing works, I don't know that I'd ever need to.

(Edit: the MP3 player does indeed work. Peachydamnawesomekeencool.)

Funky note: because of the way the gas engine works in the hybrid, you change oil every 10,000 miles instead of 3,000.

(Edit: I should try to get some sleep now.)
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